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Dr Arnaldo Galbiati

Chief Executive Officer

Ph.D. in Applied Physics, MSc in Nanotechnology, Master in Business Innovation. Key Team member in the start-up Diamond Detectors Ltd.(U.K.), a joint venture between Element Six (De Beers industrial diamonds) and BAE Systems, to design, develop and fabricate radiation detectors using synthetic CVD diamond.

Niall Haughian, CFA

Chief Operating Office

Over ten years work experience in the finance industry working for blue-chip financial firms such as Credit Suisse, New York Stock Exchange and the Bank of England. Niall is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has had many rolls in finance sector including senior derivative analyst and project manager. Niall core interest is in energy financial markets, in particular, the solar energy sector.

Timothy John Revill, FCA, TEP

Non-Executive Chairman

Tim is a qualified Chartered Accountant and was CEO of STM Group until his retirement in 2011. Tim has held several NED / Non-Executive Chairman / Chairman of the Audit Committee roles in several other companies, mainly in the financial services sector. Tim is resident in Guernsey and is an active angel investor, specialising in renewable energy.

Professor Jerome Couturier

Non-Executive Director

Jerome is a professor of strategy and management at ESCP Europe, based in London. He lectures in Business Strategy, International Management, Business Transformation and Innovation to EMBAs, Masters and in various executive programmes across Europe. Jerome holds a PhD in physics of semi-conductors from Ecole normale superieure and an MBA from Insead.

Antti GrÖnlund

Non-Executive Director

Antti is currently a Vice President at Energy Growth Momentum LLP, an investment firm focused on Energy Equipment & Services ("E&S") sectors. Mr. GrÖnlund holds an MSc from the Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) and a CEMS MSc from the HSE/London School of Economics

Dr Salahud Din

Chief Technology Officer

Salahud Din is a Materials scientist and expert in organic electronics. He holds a BEng in Electronics Engineering and an MSc in Nanotechnology and Nano-Electronic Devices at the University of Surrey. He also earned a PhD and DIC in Materials Science and Nanotechnology at Imperial College London. He is an experienced Research Scientist having worked for Kurt J. Lesker. Since early 2015, he has been fulfilling duties of a Visiting Scientist at Imperial College London where he is delivering a collaborative research on "All Organics Spintronics Devices". His research activities span from development of thin film deposition techniques and processes to thin film and nanostructures growth of both organic and inorganic materials and device fabrication with particular focus, on manufacturing processes for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs), photovoltaics (OPVs) including Perovskites, field effect transistors (OFET) and spin-valves.

Dr. Walid Ghoggali

Chief Engineer

Walid holds a PhD in medical physics and bioengineering from UCL along with a degree in electronics. He has many years of research experience in the field of nuclear medicine imaging, high energy physics detectors for medical applications, and software and hardware embedded systems development. Walid is now working on research and developments in the solar energy sector focusing on innovative solutions to existing technological challenges and new emerging issues.

Keith Hounsell

Management Advisor

Keith has over 10 years' experience in the Renewable Energy sector, including 5 years as the Managing Director for an Electric Energy Storage company. Keith's first hand, practical experience in the energy sector will greatly enhance Solaris Photonics' knowledge of the sector and our strategic positioning

Peter Wright

Power Systems Electrical Engineer

Peter has more than 40 years' experience including the implementation of renewable energy systems such as tidal, wave, wind and solar, usually specializing in power grid connections, cabling, transmission networks, protection and controls.

Mark Brenchley

Company Secretary and Project Manager

Mark has experience in project management and business development gained from nine years in the UK space industry. His commercial and programmatic skills are supported by a wide technical knowledge including power and electronics engineering.

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