Energy Systems

Increasing the electrical output of solar panels by up to four times

We are developing a novel photovoltaic system that is capable of multiplying the electrical output by up to four times.

Our Solaris Photonics Multiplier (SPM) will be added to both new and existing solar panels, both residential and industrial to multiply their output by up to four times.

The produced and stored electricity can be used to power electric cars, household appliances or possibly sell back to the smart grid during peak hours.

Performance in prototypes

Compared to a standard solar power system, powering two 60W light bulbs, our energy multiplier system is able to power eight 60W lightbulbs - and our prototypes prove it.

The results

We rigorously test our prototypes and the results speak for themselves.

Without our SPM, two low quality Kyocera 135W panels were producing a combined 3.6A and 119W power. With the SPM, the same panels were producing 8.45A and 484W power.

Measurement Two Kyocera (#KD135SX) Two Kyocera + SPM
Open Circuit Voltage 40.6V 103.3V
Maximum Power Point Voltage 33.0 V 57.1 V
Max. Power Point Voltage Current 3.60 A 8.45 A
Short Circuit Current 4.04 A 8.42 A
Maximum Power P. 119 W 484 W
Irradiation 405 W / m2 402 W / m2

Low light. Peak output.

Even in low light, the SPM is able to produce peak output. By multiplying solar cell output, low light conditions can provide energy that is optimal.

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